My App Challenge Contributions

During this project, I contributed greatly in many different areas. My first contribution was coming up with how to specifically solve the problem of wearing the wrong type of clothing. I did this by creating Criterion B and stating how and what tools our group would use in order to solve the problem. You can find Criterion B on my blog. Another way I contributed to the project was by creating the script for the presentation. I issued examples of problems the user could face, the solution, as well as detailed examples of what the app would do. You can listen to the script by clicking on the link below. The third way I contributed to the project was by doing the final edits of the video. We had some problems with syncing the audio with the video, so I adjusted the length of the slides and what was on each slide in order for the slides to match up with the audio as well as possible. You can watch the presentation by clicking on the link below. The final contribution I had to the project was helping Ethan fill out the Verizon App Challenge submission form. I came up with what to put in the Unique Form and Functionality field of the form. I wrote: “You can use your phone camera to take pictures of your clothes and there is no other app like this out there. It will also be able to help those with disabilities who are not able to decipher different types of clothing by choosing the best possible attire for the given situation.”

Link to video:

Criterion B: Analysis

Proposed solution: Create a outfit generator that can determine the best outfit for the type of event, weather, and amount of time needed to get ready.

Requirement specification

IT system requirements
•    Hardware: iMac with Internet connection, 16GB Memory, 1TB 5400-rpm hard drive.
•    Software: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for making logo and creating app preview, Web browser for searching images and information, scanning software.
System interaction
•    Compatability of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with the iMac computers in the classroom.
Input/output requirements
Input requirements
•    Clothing imported from .jpeg pictures, algorithm for creating perfect outfit based on outside factors.

Output requirements
•        High quality images, sections for current weather, event, and time to get ready.
•    Create logo using Photoshop, Create slot mating effect using Photoshop and Illustrator, Create menu for outside factors using Photoshop and Illustrator.

•    Save files on server folder as well as desktop.